Choral Classics Online - Season 2

Choral Classics with Matt Finch

28 September 2021 – 3 November

The second series of Choral Classics Online series will work on another carefully selected collection of shorter choral pieces. All have been carefully chosen by Matt and Nick and will offer the same mix of sacred and secular, familiar and new, as Season One

Each week we will work on three or four of these shorter pieces.  All music is included and provided in advance and no piece will be longer than a few pages of PDF

When are the rehearsals?

Live Rehearsals will begin on 28 September and last for four weeks with a final singthrough concert on 3 November. Individual live sectional rehearsals will be on Tuesdays and Wednesdays – during the day  – and we all come together for a live tutti rehearsal every Friday night at 8.00 pm UK time.

Rehearsals are all broadcast on YouTube which means that you can join in at a time that suits YOU.  You can pause the rehearsal, rewind, and repeat as many times as you want to during the course.

What does it Cost? 

The whole experience costs £29.95 (about $40). If you are outside the UK, check out using Paypal to take care of the conversion at no extra cost to you. Your subscription covers all rehearsals, music and the end of season concert.